About IMS

International Maritime Services Inc (“IMS”) was started in 1994, to provide North American Shipping firms a local point of contact for reliable well-known Ship Agency companies located throughout the world.

IMS started providing customer service support and sales, representing 6 ship agencies in Australia, Italy, Spain. Turkey, France, Finland.   Today, IMS is a great brand which has 14 contracted clients covering over 50 countries and referral agreements with 21 agencies in 29 countries.

The Company combines high level of customer service for the customers with state-of-the-art electronic communications to its customers and clients 24/7. Our client’s ship agency services support our customers operating tanker, dry bulk, cruise, and multipurpose ships throughout the world. Below is a listing of countries and territories supported by IMS.
Working internationally involves occasional problems with time zones, communications, or the uncertainty of dealing with people you are not familiar with.  IMS can help.  Our proximity is a unique advantage, because it allows each represented ship agency company the ability to function closer to you.  To fulfill the promise to you we will provide the following:
  • Contacts with reliable ship agency companies worldwide.
  • A local U.S. office with accessible 24-hours to guarantee you prompts attention.
  • Quick responses to all requests for port costs and port/berth conditions.
  • Every request for information will be followed up until you obtain a satisfactory reply.
  • Every effort will be made to reduce your port cost and expedite cargo operations.
  • Daily contact during every agency appointment or nomination we serve for you.

International Maritime Services, Inc.

Kenneth T. Schiels, President

83 Crest Road
New Providence, NJ 07974 USA
24 Hour Telephone: +1-908-665-2766
Fax: +1-908-665-7784
E-mail: ims@imsnjusa.com